Puttanesca pizza

With Super Bowl Sunday quickly approaching, one of the top pizza sales days of the year, how about a homemade alternative to delivery that you make in the…slow cooker?  That is not a typo.  Have you ever burned a pizza in the oven?  You won’t have to worry about this burning and the dough is a … [Read more…]

Tomato florentine soup

Rarely is there something worthwhile in the good old snail mail anymore, unless of course you are into bills and “the last credit card you will ever need” applications.  But whenever that Kroger logo shows up, it’s either hand picked coupons, recipes, or the best of both worlds with their magazine which is just what recently arrived with numerous … [Read more…]

Lighter baked mac and cheese

Lactose intolerance has never stopped me from trying a good mac and cheese.  This rendition is perfect for the holidays with red peppers and green spinach on display in every bite.  Nothing against your store-bought box of mac and cheese, but they can’t hold a candle to this dish.  With three different dairy sources and … [Read more…]