Vegetable Breakfast Casserole

Fill your belly up in the morning with this delicious breakfast casserole. It is loaded with vegetables and has plenty of substitution options for the vegetarian, lactose intolerant, and health conscious individual. Instead of using milk, use almond milk and either reduce or leave off the cheese on top to cut down on the lactose. … [Read more…]

Dairy free mac and “cheese”

Some of us have bodies that “scream” in various ways when dairy is introduced to it, but we still want classic dishes like macaroni and cheese!  Although this recipe doesn’t actually include any cheese, the look, taste, and texture are on par with the real thing.  Turn it into a spicy meal with some cayenne … [Read more…]

Spring has sprung!

Just a couple weeks after planting, with some rain and plenty of sunshine, the petunias have all begun to flower in the garden!  

Thai chicken

Sweet and spicy Thai chicken seems like it would be hard to make from scratch at home, but this recipe is easy and delicious.  It makes a whole lot of chicken, but leftovers taste even more amazing after the flavor has had time to soak through the chicken.  Pictured below it is served with some … [Read more…]

Cheesy garlic bombs

Don’t expect these to last very long!  You could make a meal out of these with a side of the typical main course, but I recommend trying to make them last for numerous tasty snacks and meals.  If you are a fan of cheesy garlic bread and want a simple and delicious non-frozen version, you have … [Read more…]

Crunchy Asian ramen noodle salad

Everyone needs a good, crunchy meal on a regular basis to make your teeth feel loved.  Okay, maybe that’s just me, but if you are looking for something to crunch away on that is full of flavors, this dish is for you!  I highly recommend the browning of the noodles and almonds, so be sure to … [Read more…]

Puttanesca pizza

With Super Bowl Sunday quickly approaching, one of the top pizza sales days of the year, how about a homemade alternative to delivery that you make in the…slow cooker?  That is not a typo.  Have you ever burned a pizza in the oven?  You won’t have to worry about this burning and the dough is a … [Read more…]

Tomato florentine soup

Rarely is there something worthwhile in the good old snail mail anymore, unless of course you are into bills and “the last credit card you will ever need” applications.  But whenever that Kroger logo shows up, it’s either hand picked coupons, recipes, or the best of both worlds with their magazine which is just what recently arrived with numerous … [Read more…]