Sesame noodles and vegetables

Having looked at and tried many variations on sesame noodles and various vegetables, I decided to put together a recipe that was the best of them all and something that almost any diet could include.  With so many options, there is not just one place I can give credit to for this recipe, and it is completely … [Read more…]

Lighter baked mac and cheese

Lactose intolerance has never stopped me from trying a good mac and cheese.  This rendition is perfect for the holidays with red peppers and green spinach on display in every bite.  Nothing against your store-bought box of mac and cheese, but they can’t hold a candle to this dish.  With three different dairy sources and … [Read more…]

Vegetable noodle soup

I went looking for a simple but tasty vegetable noodle soup, but every recipe had something slightly different or that just didn’t seem to fit. In the end I took ingredients from multiple recipes and made my own version of it to satisfy my cravings. Turned out pretty good, don’t you think? Check out the … [Read more…]

Fall has arrived at Amicalola Falls

Peak colors anywhere in the North Georgia mountains are breathtaking, but add the tallest waterfall in the Southeast and a crystal clear blue sky and these amazing snapshots are the result.