Dairy free mac and “cheese”

Some of us have bodies that “scream” in various ways when dairy is introduced to it, but we still want classic dishes like macaroni and cheese!  Although this recipe doesn’t actually include any cheese, the look, taste, and texture are on par with the real thing.  Turn it into a spicy meal with some cayenne … [Read more…]

Sesame noodles and vegetables

Having looked at and tried many variations on sesame noodles and various vegetables, I decided to put together a recipe that was the best of them all and something that almost any diet could include.  With so many options, there is not just one place I can give credit to for this recipe, and it is completely … [Read more…]

Vegetable noodle soup

I went looking for a simple but tasty vegetable noodle soup, but every recipe had something slightly different or that just didn’t seem to fit. In the end I took ingredients from multiple recipes and made my own version of it to satisfy my cravings. Turned out pretty good, don’t you think? Check out the … [Read more…]